101: Complications Elevate Your Watch Game



Fine watches tell more than time. See the date, calculate speed, even chart the progress of the moon. All these extra functions are COMPLICATIONS. 

The calendar is the most ubiquitous complication. The chronograph is the most coveted, even among those who never run a lap in their life.

Chronograph is a delightful term for a stopwatch–we’re complicating things, remember? Pushers on either side of the crown start, pause, or stop the chronograph timing without interfering with the watch’s timekeeping.

Complications appear on the main dial or as one or more sub-dials. 

On Olyn, for example, the chronograph hand is where you might find a second hand, so seconds are tracked on a sub-dial. On Vassilis, the moonphase appears as a crescent cut-out, revealing a starry sky.

Vintage chronographs have ruled the collector’s market for years, making an automatic chronograph an excellent selection for a new watch enthusiast. It’s a complication that holds or increases its value over time.


Moonphase. Date.


Chronograph. Tachymeter. 12 Hour Counter. 30 Minute Counter. Small Seconds. Day. Date.

Virtuoso watchmakers engineer the elaborate mechanics of complications, but they’re effortless for you. Your watch’s crown or pushers regulate them all. Literally, the twist of a knob or the push of a button puts you in control of remarkable horological functions.