It’s Time We Recognize All Watches Are Unisex

Some may claim 2018 is the year of blurred gender lines, but the shift isn’t much of a shift in fashion. Designers have always created androgynous, a-sex, and unisex collections. High style has always been ahead of the times.


Many items are worn and used by both men and women, but gendered by design alone. Scarves, gloves, belts, bags, and—for now, although I hope to change your mind—watches. As with a belt or gloves, the first noticeable difference between a watch for a man or a woman is the size of the thing. Men tend to be bigger, so things made for them are naturally bigger, too. But as long as the thing fits, the key point to remember when thinking about size is proportion.

The Modern and Enlightened Do Not Expect Women To Be Dainty

There are over 1.5 million Instagram posts tagged #strongisthenewskinny. Women aren’t as dainty as society once expected them to be. In my lifetime, it’s always been easy to imagine why an athletic or gym-bound woman might want a rugged, utilitarian watch with a large, easy-to-read face and timing features.

Other women require a business-like style, but prefer accessories less delicate. She only needs to keep her watch choices in proportion and harmony with her outfit. This way, your watch can be a focal point for its diameter, weight or robust styling, rather than some preconceived notion of gender. 

Unisex Watches Aren’t Just Men’s Watches That Women Wear

Men might be warier of wearing a so-called woman’s watch. Insecurities aside, the change from a men’s to a women’s watch is no more difficult than the other way around. A man might want something less bulky on his wrist for a particular occasion—an Olympias as an alternative to a Regalia, for instance. Both have sophisticated guilloché dials and gently contoured link bracelets. 

I might wear the supremely elegant, slim Roxana with a satin band to offset the uniform nature of a tuxedo. Subtle and refined, with just a hint of diamond bling, this watch could be worn beautifully by a confident gentleman. Just choose a case finish to match the hardware of the cufflinks and shirt studs.

Rest assured, dabbling in the either sex’s accessories drawer doesn’t have to end in wearing silk lace knickers beneath your suit—unless that’s what you like. All watches are unisex in function, and unexpected style choices can be a clever way for a savvy dresser to expand his or her repertory of style.