A Dandy Selects His Next Watch

I confess: I’m stubbornly analog.

I don’t use online calendars or digitally sync anything. I favor a fountain pen and lined datebook. Heck, I use a 1940’s typewriter and rough cotton-stock stationary for important correspondence. I like the feel of the paper and the percussive glee of hammering out my thoughts one letter at a time.

You could chalk this up to eccentricity. I’ve been accused of excessive weirdness. But I don’t wear nice suits or drink cocktails or smoke an occasional pipe in order to appear strange or fancy or old-fashioned or to fascinate or annoy other people.

I live as I do because of the inherent pleasure I get from such things. So which watch do I choose this year?

The Practicalities

I’ve moved to a new city, a less formal one. Fewer black-tie occasions limit the temptation to spend on the ultra-luxurious. I’ll also be traveling more this year, so I want a sturdy watch, but I’m not greatly sporty, so I’ve narrowed it down to four choices: Triumph, Regalia, Chieftain, or Aigai


My Personal Values

A watch should be built—and bought—to last. In the same way the fountain pen or typewriter or overcoat or shoe brush should stand up to physical wear, the objects I choose need to stand up to the trends, too.

A balance of timeliness and timelessness matters to me, but I won’t pretend my tastes are more constant than the next man’s. My wardrobe changes with the seasons and, sometimes, the windows of designer boutiques, but I’m careful to follow my own instincts first.

This isn’t to say you should avoid the trendy or unorthodox. Heaven forbid I counsel conservatism in style, but when selecting something as high-value and useful as a watch, one should consider its longevity.

Sartorial Considerations

I envision myself in safari-inspired jackets for Summer and double-breasted suits for Autumn and Winter. I also like all my wardrobe selections to be elegant and versatile, yet show the craft that went into making them.

For now—and I admit I may select more than one watch for my personal collection this year—I’m going to choose Triumph. Its reliable quartz movement, embossed calfskin strap, and heavy case styling are certain to get me through the seasons.

It’s the sort of watch I’ll be pleased to see on my wrist all year, as I bang away at my typewriter, trying not to upset the martini next to my pipe.