101: Exhibition Case Back

A watch case back is the rear cover of the case. It protects the watch’s interior components and can be removed to provide access to the battery or movement.

Most case backs are crafted from high-quality metal—in the case of an Alexander watch, stainless steel.

But many watch enthusiasts eventually want at least one watch with an exhibition case back. The exhibition back is a window into the layers of a watch’s automatic movement.

We don’t really see exhibition case backs on quartz watches. How quartz watches work is fascinating, but they’re electric. Automatic watches are a wonder of mechanical balance. They’re mesmerizing to watch.

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Exhibition case backs blend form and function. They protect the watch’s components, plus they spotlight the art and craftsmanship inherent in mechanical movement.

Skeleton cases do the same, only from the front of the watch.

Some watch enthusiasts love the intricacy and rarity of a skeleton case. Others prefer at-a-glance accuracy when checking the time, and the exhibition back is right for them.

Everyone’s watch collection is unique. Owning one of each kind isn’t crazy.


Creon A474-02 on beach

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The exhibition back on an Alexander is made of ultra-strength Krysterna™.

Many fine watches use a sapphire crystal or case back.

Sapphire case backs are among the highest quality backs you can find, but they aren’t shatter-proof, by any means.

The Krysterna back has a higher resistance to shattering across its surface area than sapphire selections.

It’s a case back that can get through a serious workout or go outdoors, while still getting compliments at the office or a Friday-night event—if you’re the type to show off the movement.

Which is the whole point of an exhibition back.

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