The Un-Bucket List

Since I turned 40, it appeared I was still alive and that I might remain so long enough to get a few important things accomplished in time, things I would regret not thinking over, and surely neglect if not somewhere writ.

So I sat down to complete a bucket list, and the gravity of the task became clear. It’s not a list to be penciled on a Post-It and stuck to the bathroom mirror, not a dictate to iPhone Notes. It must be considered that the final draft might be inscribed with a welding rod in a continuous bead across the mettle of my being.

I had to first be certain of what I didn’t want attached to me, associated with the memory of me. Only then, could I set to the business of deciding.

The measure of a man isn’t always what it seems. The Chieftain tracks months to seconds with style and precision.

A Contrary Approach

  • Cocaine
  • A gymnast
  • Children to raise
    • Even gifted and/or disadvantaged ones
  • X make, X model car with certain options
  • Lucky dice
  • You, with fewer difficult aspects
  • Kobe beef
  • Near-Earth orbit
  • Further tourism of any sort
  • My complete genealogy or any part of it
  • Reconnecting with X
  • A night out with a famous person
  • Vengeance
  • Ambitions adopted to improve me

And what did that leave? Well, when I was done, turned out my bucket list was more of a bucket with one big thing in it. I want to see myself honestly through other eyes, minus interpretation or judgment. Except my own, I reckon. And this is entirely doable.

What I Need

  • Two trustworthy people
    • Unknown to me, not overly attached to sleep, can be taught to master a video camera, and will work in 12 hour shifts for a solid month;
  • One good video camera and accoutrements (already have), plus many terabytes of storage capacity in DropBox or similar;
  • The temerity sufficient to grant all-access passes to two strangers, have them follow me absolutely everywhere, and never turn the camera away.

I’m nearly there. Finally:

  • A couple weeks of quiet time
  • The guts to watch the uncut footage

Anyhow. I wanted a list.