Your Next Watch Needs A Deployant Clasp

That fancy, fold-up watch clasp that looks hard to finesse? But actually clicks right into place and stays there? It’s called a deployant clasp.

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Say the clasp name like deh-ploy-ennnt, to be precise, because it’s the present participle of the French “déployer” — to spread, to unfold.

Which is exactly what this clasp does. Two wings fold into a metal bridge and snap into place for wear. When you take the watch off, the deployant clasp unfolds, spreading the wings apart to reveal the bridge.

Elevate Your Watch Game

The deployant clasp elevates your watch game from the earnest buckles of your youth or, even better, rounds out a budding collection.

A low-key sculptural tang buckle is still boss-status — check out the Olympias for Women or Sophisticate for Men — but a deployant clasp creates a substantial, contemporary feel.

With jewelry-like innovations from masters like Louis Cartier, it’s the clasp that represents the 20th century in watch-making, the era of grand discoveries like quartz power and self-winding technology.

We like the Alexander deployant clasps for their simple, secure hold and quick release. Stylish in polish and proportion, they wrap around the wrist with a high-quality contour.

Slip On

Roxana Deployant Clasp Contour
The deployant clasp on Roxana contours to fit the curve of the wrist.

Most people like the deployant clasp because the watch slips right on. The clasp creates a continuous bracelet.  Some styles, like the extra-secure fold-over clasp of Vathos, define the watch’s silhouette, while jewelry styles, like the seamless close of Roxana, lay flat. 


Deployant clasps stay closed because of the folding mechanism. Some open like a butterfly, others fold over once, some have a quick tri-fold sequence. All click into place and don’t release until you apply light, focused pressure.


Made of solid stainless steel, these clasps are less likely to deteriorate than a buckle on leather.  All of our watch closes are impeccably made, but the deployant clasp is a robust choice for daily wear.


The contour of Alexander deployant clasps fits the wrist, so that you can select how to wear your watch — lower by the hand or higher up the forearm.

Cheaper models from other brands sometimes earn complaints for bumping or chafing the inner wrist. Women especially may suffer from poorly made versions that are too big for narrower wrists. Not so with Vathos or Roxana.

Alexander watches are designed for elegance, comfort, and ease. Discover your next watch with our collections for Men or Women.

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